Amnesia is born in Hong Kong and her parents are running a big corporation and them also running branches very well in Japan .One day she travels to Japan by air and she is in the first—class of the plane. As usual, she takes out a magazine which called Three Floor collection and reading it in concentrate.

Suddenly she smelt something and then stopped reading ,finding a young sitting by her ,the smell is from him .In fact ,the man was in the economy class first, but the woman sit by him with a baby in hand split ,so the kind airline stewardess moved him to first—class of the plane. Amnesia is so sensory to the smell, she intends to shout at him, but in consideration of she is in public not at her home, she hold back. Do not want to see more, she wearing her eye patch to sleep for a while, the young man is talkative; he said he is going to Hokkaido and things about that. Amnesia is annoying, she wants to tell the man to shut up, it is the time and at the same time, the airline stewardess prepared lunch for them, she failed to shout. .. Amnesia complains about the food on the plane, it is not the taste of the food in deed and so on, maybe because of she is angry. On the contrary, the man said the food is delicious, also pretend to say something to retort her. in fact they are the kind of people very critical in eating , they quarrel with each other , something dirty lightly split onto Amnesia's graceful Three Floor dress ,the consequence is they both have not eat the food .

It is the beginning of the two people, a lady who loves Three Floor, a man who is causal but easygoing, clever and sincere in life. Later you will see.

Karen millen create a romantic story , it will go on happening ,the story wii like their dresses getting more and more attractive.

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